Save on baggage fees

Clever packing in a compact case can save you money

Possibly the most annoying thing about travelling with a low-cost airline is the baggage fee. Clever packing in a compact case can save you money and make travelling easier without a heavy bag to lug around.


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    Princess Mary
    1st Jun 2012
    i can't believe she can fit so much in.........
    2nd Jun 2012
    i used to backpack but now those medium sized roller-bags are okay...
    i usually throw things that i might need into a corner ca. 2 weeks
    before & then slowly take things me why people need
    so much stuff for travelling...f.e. i take 1 pair of comfortable shoes
    1 pair of trousers with 3 different types of shirt or blouse, socks,
    3 pairs of black underpants, 1 loose t-shirt plus grooming things
    like comb/small shampoo/small toothpaste/handcreme/deodorant
    all small to buy more on the way as needed...i think that's about it...talofa
    2nd Jun 2012
    I guess that's fine if you're not going for long or have easy access to laundering, but I could never manage with that little. At least 2 pairs of shoes!
    2nd Jun 2012
    She spends far too much time talking about it, rather than just getting on and packing the stuff. Also her voice is a bit painful to an Australian.She sounds like a 14 year old.!The guy on one of the videos is the best one top look at.
    2nd Jun 2012
    jennome...i don't own complicated clothing & i rinse underwear myself
    in those small guesthouses where i stay...1 1/2 years ago i went all
    over i sometimes buy things on the road...i used to
    stay in hostels but often there are too many noisy americans there
    so i also hate to listen to the 'ugly' american so-called english just
    like on that video...talofa
    2nd Jun 2012
    Just wonder if Americans complain about the Aussie accent!!!!! I think we should be a bit more tolerant of other people. This blog is about packing for your holiday.....
    2nd Jun 2012
    Very timely discussion for me, planning a trip to US, flying with Delta, not sure as yet re baggage limits and no doubt will do 'some' shopping. (did a trip last year to Hawaii, first few days the American accent drove me nuts, on occasion I didnt understand what was being said, suppose the reverse is true, they didn't understand me)
    14th Aug 2013

    We travelled with Delta last year and booked online. There is a place to book your luggage allowance during the booking process. We booked 20 kg each going over and added 10 kg to one of our allowances on the return flight. This worked well for us. They were not too restrictive and allowed us to share the 50kg coming home. If you have already booked, but not the luggage you can do it over the phone. The people there are very helpful. We booked meals and seat allocations on the phone...the fellow who helped me was great, organising a seat that would cause little stress with my 4-month old knee replacement.

    And just by the way, we have always had good feedback about the Aussie accent, most Americans like it and they are very interested in our much more durable than the US ones
    6th Jun 2012
    Its not about how well you can shove it all in the bag - its about making good choices about WHAT you put in the to comply with the 20kg limit !! It should be a rule of three- One on one waiting and one in the wash!!! At least two pais of shoes you cannot wear the same ones everyday Phew!!!! Also make good use of your "carry on bag" it has a size limit - but you can stow quite a lot into that case! Then you are allowed a handbag, not sure if this applies to men, so choose a big one that will also carry a lot of stuff like toiletries , nightwear, and a spare everything. I 1 suitcase 1 hand luggage and 1 handbag made a great round the world trip for six weeks !
    19th Feb 2014
    I totally agree. I usually take all my underwear socks etc in my carry on bag as it takes up little room as I fold it all up and put in a zip lock bag. Also always take a kaftan type roll up full length dress (rayon/cotton) and it serves as a dressing gown as well and something to flop around in at the end of the day. Mix and match as much as possible and stick.
    6th Jun 2012
    Sorry missed out "bag"
    14th Aug 2013
    Weigh your empty suitcase, as I travel with less clothes than my husband and his case is lighter, and his empty suitcase is nearly 2 kilos lighter and easier to manage. I always take 2 good pairs of pants and 2 leggings, and a good variety of easy wash and non iron tops, which I roll, instead of fold, and a few long, light cardigans. I also try to shove as many things in shoes I am going to pack, like undies, socks, etc. I also take samples of shampoos, moisturizers,and perfumes etc. so they can bethrown away when finished. I found space bags to be useless. Also, suitcases with spinning wheels are the go as they are so easy to manoever
    19th Feb 2014
    of course it all depends on what type of holiday you are having If you go on a cruise you want more clothing and shoes. After all it IS a holiday and I dont want to be seen in the same clothes day in and day out and you need to dress for meals etc. I took one medium size suitcase and it was fine and was under the 20kg allowance
    4th Mar 2014
    I know saving on baggage fees is not easy however if we will pack smartly; we can lower airline charges. You can save a little bit of money by checking in online and mentioning your bags when you do so. If you check in your bags online the first is $23 and the second is $32. So if you are checking two bags, you can save $5 by checking them in online. One reason a lot of people check bags is because of the restrictions that don’t allow you to carry liquid onto the plane. Source: Pack light to lessen baggage fees
    5th May 2014
    Are you sure it's not "Dick" Ayzenberg?

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