Where to travel to take advantage of the exchange rate

Think outside the box to discover your next affordable holiday destination.

Take advantage of the exchange rate

There are many things to consider when trying to keep a holiday under a set budget, but few people consider a destination to capitalise on the exchange rate.

The Australian dollar is quite strong at the moment, but it performs better against some countries than others; and if you make the right choice, you can save quite a bit of cash.

Here are some of the best destinations to take advantage of the strong Aussie dollar.

1. Indonesia
The Australian dollar always performs well against the Indonesian Rupiah. This is why Bali is such a popular tourist destination for Australians. That start of this year has seen the Rupiah fall consistently against the Australian dollar. If you think Bali is just for young people, you might like to try a visit to Jakarta, Lombok or Lake Toba.

2. Argentina
Since the middle of 2013, the Australian dollar has tripled in value against the Argentine Peso, currently buying nearly 16 pesos compared to less than five. The strength of the Australian dollar gives you the opportunity to explore the dramatic Iguazu Falls or many of the other attractions. If you plan on visiting more than one country while you are in South America, try and book as many of your trips as possible using Argentina as your base.

3. Norway
With much of Europe on the Euro it is no longer very easy to take advantage of the exchange rate, but Norway is one of the few exceptions. In the middle of 2013, the Australian dollar bought 5.29 Norwegian Krone, and at the time of writing an Aussie dollar bought 6.18 Krone. There has never been a better time to witness the Northern Lights and enjoy some Scandinavian hospitality.

4. United Kingdom
Towards the end of 2015, the Aussie dollar was battling against the pound, but it has now bounced back and at time of writing bought 0.567 pounds. Not only is that great for those planning on travelling to Old Blighty, it also ensured that cricket fans didn’t have to listen to the Barmy Army chanting ‘we get three dollars to a pound’ all summer long.

When has the exchange rate worked in your favour when travelling and when has it badly let you down?



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    7th Mar 2018
    The Norway exchange rate might seem to be "good" but it is a very expensive country to travel in! I was there in November last year. Taxis are particularly expensive - and they really only like dealing with credit cards - not cash!
    8th Mar 2018
    Was there as well last August, a nice beer was $10 (60Crowns) and
    most things are much dearer than in Euroland.

    8th Mar 2018
    Agree with Indonesia being reasonable for Aussies. On holidays I like to drink about 5 or 6
    glasses of wine a day and in Bali that is dear. My mates are in heaven over there, beer is a bit more than a dollar a stubbie and cigarettes are about $2 for 20 sticks and there are no
    pokies or Keno. They always have money left after the trip. Being a wino but non smoker or gambler I get rid of my dough. Even a wine cask in the supermarket Mata Hari was $85!!

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