Travel agent versus online

Q. I’m planning an overseas trip and I want to get the best deal possible. Should I use a travel agent or book online?

A. The choice is personal and often depends on what you feel most comfortable with. If you are quite confident with the internet, there are some good deals to be had but your travel agent will argue that they have the hands-on experience and personal experience that no computer can offer.

Travel agents are a fantastic resource. If your itinerary is looking complicated or if you just want the convenience of having everything organised for you, travel agents are the way to go. When you book with a travel agent, you are their client until you are back in the country, so if anything goes wrong, they are always a phone call away.

When you book online, you can get some great offers but if things turn pear-shaped, you are on your own. With that said however, if you feel as if your travel agent is making you pay through the nose, internet research never hurts. When booking overseas accommodation online, always confirm details over the phone.