Travelling to Hawaii on the cheap

Hawaii may be high on many travellers’ wish lists, but the high cost can turn people off visiting these islands. Jill has asked if there’s a cheaper time to go. Andrea shares her tips.


Q. Jill
I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, but it seems so expensive. Is there a good time of year for me to travel there, when it’s a bit cheaper?

A. Hawaii is a dream destination for many but, you’re right, the cost can quickly dissuade travellers to these idyllic islands.

It can help to compare a few spots in similar areas, as prices do not always follow the same patterns. Poipu and Ka’anapali are most affordable in early December. Poipu in peak season will cost around $2600 per week, while in the last week of December the prices drop to $1680. Ka’anapali in the first week of December is $3100 weekly versus $4739 in peak season at the end of December. Visiting Kapolei in May sees the prices drop from $3941 in peak season to $2330.

Other money-saving areas to consider are:

  • Split the cost with friends and family. Choose a large property with shared amenities, such as swimming pools or private chefs and divide the cost per person. You will be pleasantly surprised at how low the rates become.
  • Book a holiday rental with access to a kitchen and do your own cooking. Even preparing just one meal a day can significantly cut your dining costs.
  • Check the amenities. Pick accommodation with airport transfers included, free parking, even welcome meals or drinks may be included at some properties. If your accommodation has a washer and dryer, you will be able to pack lightly and avoid excess baggage fees.

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Written by Andrea


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