Uber threatens to ban customers who break new guidelines

Uber has published new guidelines outlining behaviour that could see passengers banned

Uber threatens to ban customers who break new guidelines

Popular transportation company Uber yesterday published new guidelines for Australian customers, outlining behaviour that could see passengers banned from using the service.  

“We want all Uber journeys to be enjoyable for everyone in the car, and that can only happen when both riders and drivers treat each other with respect,” said Uber Australia General Manager David Rohrsheim.

The new guidelines have been released in an effort to stamp out drunken, violent and inappropriate behaviour. Drivers already rate passengers after every ride and this rating affects a user’s ability to find a ride in the future.

Uber guidelines:

  • any kind of unwanted contact with the driver after the ride is finished including texting and calling;
  • asking overly personal questions, verbal threats, making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexually discriminatory or disrespectful;
  • bringing open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car;
  • encouraging drivers to break local traffic laws including speed limits; and
  • having sex with the driver or other passengers.

“Our driver-partners tell us they like chatting and interacting with riders and just want people to be respectful of their car, personal space, safety on the road and time,” said Mr Rohrsheim.

Are these new guidelines a reflection on our society and what is deemed appropriate behaviour in a paid transport service? Or do you believe these new guidelines will only see a small minority banned from using the service? Would it be fairer if the same standards were applied to the Uber drivers?



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    22nd Dec 2016
    The guideline about "having sex with the driver" is an interesting one.

    Surely that's only a problem if it's non-consensual.

    Otherwise, these make a lot of sense.
    Ted Wards
    22nd Dec 2016
    But while their driving!
    22nd Dec 2016
    OOber driver gets foot caught in Glove Box !! :-) :-)
    22nd Dec 2016
    If uber is so conscious of bad behaviour, what about their illegal entry into the Australian market and sending earnings overseas to the detriment of honest Australian owner taxi drivers.
    I am wondering what incentives were given to the officials in the various states like Alan Fels in Victoria who after advising the Vic Government on how to deal with uber is now one of their head conchos!
    22nd Dec 2016
    Dunno about other states, but in Victoria there was a glaring hole in the market for Uber to fill because of the incompetence, unethical behaviour and corruption of the existing taxi industry.
    22nd Dec 2016
    "--sending earnings overseas to the detriment of honest Aussie taxi drivers". Sorry but I can't seem to understand that, what detriment. As long as they are paying taxes to their state, what they do with their money is their concern and not yours. I'm sure nobody criticises you as to what you do with your money.I'm sure they are spending money here for living expenses, as you are.
    22nd Dec 2016
    The very fact that these guidelines have been thought necessary is an indictment on Australian society today. What they amount to is 'respect' - something sadly lacking today.
    Ted Wards
    22nd Dec 2016
    Umm yes have been propositioned several times by drivers for sex and to buy drugs! Reported them the three times and have never heard back from UBER!. No matter the new service name Lyft has started and go catch starts soon as well. Nothing like consumer choice to smarten up a company's act!

    22nd Dec 2016
    Same rules should be in place for taxi drivers who also have to put up with abuse.
    22nd Dec 2016
    Darn, these no sex in the cab rules will spoil my social life. How will I cope with these restrictions.

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