What is ‘juice jacking’?

On holiday, your smartphone can be your best friend.

A map, GPS, camera, translator, guidebook – there’s not a lot your phone can’t do to make your holiday easier.

So, keeping it charged is of the utmost importance.

Hackers are counting on it.

Travellers are again being warned about the dangers of using USB charging devices at airports, shopping centres or anywhere they’re publicly available, as the charging ports may be loaded with malware and used to steal your information and money.

airport usb charging station

YourLifeChoices has reported on this in the past and has even suggested a special gadget that can help safeguard against cyber crims if you really do need to charge your phone in a public place.

More recently, a Los Angeles district attorney tweeted a warning of the growing cyber threat, known as juice jacking, which can transfer a virus to your devices in one minute and can begin exporting your data and passwords to scammers immediately after, reports Travel Talk.

“A free charge could end up draining your bank account,” deputy district attorney Luke Sisak said in a video posted to the Los Angeles County’s website.

To stay safe from cyber crims, Mr Sisak says that you can still plug directly into a power outlet with your own charging cord by using a portable charger, as well as adding a passcode or enabling the fingerprint ID for an extra level of security.

Have you ever been hacked on holiday? Had you ever heard of juice jacking?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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