What not to take on holiday

Rachel shares the five most unnecessary items you can pack in your luggage for your next holiday. Read on to avoid making these terrible travel mistakes.

1. Full bottles of toiletries

Don’t take huge bottles of shampoo or conditioner when travelling for a few weeks (or a few days). Those big bottles can add extra weight which you will have to pointlessly cart all the way there, and all the way back again. Instead, decant only as much product as you will need into smaller bottles. The same goes for all liquids and creams in your toiletries bag.

2. More than one book

As an avid reader, I have difficulty agreeing with this item, but I can see the logic. Books take up a lot of space, so if you just take one, you can swap it with a fellow traveller once you’ve finished reading. This is also a great way to discover books which you may never have come across before.

3. Food

Melburnians complain (loudly) about the lack of good coffee outside their southern city, and many an Aussie family will not travel without a tube of Vegemite (yes, they’ve started making it in travel-friendly toothpaste-esque tubes). Travellers: You do not need to take food with you. You’re going to a new place in order to immerse yourself in a new culture. Leave the comfort foods behind and embrace the culinary delights of your exotic location.

4. Hair dryers

Hair dryers are big and bulky and, if you’re going to a part of the world where electricity runs at 120 volts, instead of the 240 volts we get in Australia, your hair dryer won’t work properly. Most accommodation will supply you with a hair dryer (you can check this beforehand) so take a deep breath and be brave ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to leave your hair dryer at home.

5. Valuables (especially the sentimental ones)

No matter how secure your accommodation is, there is always the risk that if you take valuables with you they will be lost or stolen. Save yourself the heartache, especially if the item is irreplaceable, and leave your valuables safely tucked away at home.