What's in Noni's bag?

Much-loved actor Noni Hazlehurst is a firm favourite with YourLifeChoices’ members. Recently she toured regional Australia in Daniel Keene’s play Mother. She took time out to share her take on travel.

Where have you travelled recently?
I just completed a six-week tour of regional NSW and Qld, which started in Melbourne.

How did you get around?
A combination of driving and flying. Some days it was me, the stage manager and the director, along with the set, costumes and suitcases crammed into the car.

How often do you get away?
At least two dozen times each year – for about a week on each trip.

What do you find most stressful when travelling?

When the arrangements have been made by someone else and you turn up and there’s no record, and no special requests. Then you discover that wifi is not covered, and you are fighting every step of the way to get what was promised. I find the level of service frustrating, especially at airports. It’s so poor that when someone is nice, you get a shock.

Have you got a favourite carry-on bag?

I use a black pull-along hold all. It’s two-sided; one for business, holding my laptop and the other has to fit in a weekend’s worth of clothing. And it just meets the carry-on rules.

lady pulling a black wheely bag

Have you been overseas recently?
Not for 10 years. I’m not a huge fan of flying. My pet hate is when the pilot comes on and says there’ll be bumps on the way.

What are your essentials for long-haul flights?
I always carry water and paw paw cream for dry lips. I make sure that I switch my phone off completely. If I’m travelling for work I’ll have the script with me. And always a book – at the moment I’m reading Bill Bryson’s Road to Little Dribbling.

What other items do you pack?
I usually purchase a magazine or book at the airport. And I always carry my lucky penny.


What do you usually do during a flight?
I never sleep on planes. I usually read. Oh and I keep an eye on the flight attendants.


What type of movies do you like to watch?
Nothing to with accidents, particularly not a plane crash. So I prefer documentaries, often there is something that I should have seen and haven’t. But nothing heavy. I don’t like movies on small screens. They are insulting to the work of cinematographers, you miss too much sound, and the screens are often dark. They are an insult to the people who made the movies.

Who are your favourite travel companions?
My boys (Noni’s two sons) or close friends.

Do you ever do solo travel?
Yes I don’t mind it at all – I go straight into the zone and just do it.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
To the town of Limoges, in west-central France.

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