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Karen wasn’t satisfied with her zodiac destination and wants to know if we have any other suggestions for her travel in 2020.


Q. Karen
I really enjoyed your piece on travelling according to your star sign earlier this year. Unfortunately I am a Libra and while the suggestion of Cuba was fantastic, it is something that I indulged in just last year (I loved it by the way, and I would recommend it to everyone, not just my fellow Librans). I was wondering if you had any other ideas for people who have already been to their suggested destination.

A. Glad that we hit the nail on the head with our astrological suggestion, just a pity we got in a bit late. We don’t want to rehash the original article, so we might look at the best times to visit various locations around the world according to the stars and see if that offers you and others any inspiration for your travel.

March (Cairns)
Obviously you don’t have much time to book this one, so I have kept the destination local. At this time of year, the weather is still nice and warm, but not as humid as in the previous months. By March, most of the storms have pushed on to the north so the rain won’t be as frequent, either. Aside from keeping the temperature a bit cooler, the rains in March have the added benefit of making the local rainforest lush and beautiful. The creeks, rivers and waterfalls that run through it are also at their peak, so this is the perfect time of year to take a cruise through the rainforest so you can reconnect with nature. 

April (Spain)
The original zodiac article suggests Scorpios should head to Spain this year to take advantage of the mix of nature and convenience. The best time to visit Spain is typically in the spring (March to May) as there are typically fewer crowds, cheaper accommodation and the best weather before it gets too hot.

May (France)
As with Spain, the best astrological time to visit France is also the best time to visit – spring. The summer months in France can be hot, crowded and expensive, but travelling during May allows you to take advantage of lower prices and moderate temperatures. If you are a tennis fan you can also catch the French Open and tick an item off your bucket list.

June (Hungary)
Hungary came out as the perfect destination for Capricorns this year and the perfect time to plan your visit is June, enabling you to escape an Australian winter and jump into a beautiful summer climate. The Danube Carnival, which takes place in June, is a great way to experience Hungarian culture.

July (London)
We recommended that Aquarians who had been to London before might like to revisit London this year, and July is the perfect month to do it. Not only is it one of the warmest months, but Buckingham Palace also opens its doors to visitors and you can take advantage of the opportunity to catch Wimbledon or the Hampton Court Flower Show.

August (Ireland)
Ireland is most temperate for Australians in the height of summer, which is a happy coincidence as August is astrologically a very good time to visit the Emerald Isle. Take in County Louth’s Cooley Mountains to enjoy fantastic views and a sense of history ,which dates back to prehistoric times.

September (Massachusetts)
If you’re an angler, we reckon you might be interested in a visit to Cape Cod, where fishermen and women travel from all over the world to try their luck landing the marlin, striped bass and bluefin tuna that fill the bay during the late summer months. If fishing is not for you, you might be better off in Boston, where you can visit the famed Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which encompasses four historic places in one location – Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market  – all set around a quaint cobblestone promenade where jugglers, magicians and musicians entertain the visitors. There are more than 100 places to eat, shop and drink at this historic site.

October (Mississippi)
America’s Deep South is a fascinating place, yet rarely rates a mention when people think about visiting the USA. There are many things to do in Mississippi, including visiting the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, or taking in many of the important Civil War sites. Often overlooked, Mississippi’s seashore is also a lovely place to visit, rich with marine life and home to the region’s only dolphin rescue centre.

November (United Arab Emirates)
Dubai is the top tourism destination in the Middle East and the fourth most popular tourism destination in the world according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are also growing in popularity. The country offers ancient and modern attractions but is also an attractive destination for those that love their shopping. Large portions of the year are uncomfortably hot, but the weather is much more manageable in November, when the stars have it as a good time to visit.

December (South Australia)
South Australia is more than wine and churches; it’s home to rich culture, wondrous hills and valleys, and extreme wilderness. Whether you stick with Adelaide, the famous Barossa Valley or the sure-to-be recovering Kangaroo Island, there are a plethora of places to visit, even for people that currently reside in the state.

What do you think of our list? Will you be visiting any of these destinations this year?

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