Where you wished you were in 2018

At the end of each year, we like to check out the places you’ve checked out during the year. It’s kind of like a ‘wish you were here’ only more like ‘where you wished you were’ exercise.

If we picked up one overarching theme from the stories you clicked this year, it’s that bang for your buck is a high priority, as was reading about people’s personal travel experiences. You’re an eclectic bunch of readers, with the top 10 highest clicking articles including tourist-friendly destinations, best-kept secrets and ripper road trips. Value is important, as too, is safety and it was good to see that Aussie destinations were high on your lists.

Here are your top five favourite destination reads of 2018.

5. Seven destinations where your money will last longer
With the way our dollar is travelling, travelling around Australia is becoming more appealing. But there are a few international destinations that will still give you bang for your buck – and no, they’re not all in South East Asia (although one is)!

4. See more of ‘The Beautiful Country’ by avoiding these tourist traps
However much time you have to spend in Italy will never be enough, but with Andrea’s tip for the tourist traps to avoid, you’ll certainly not waste any time in ‘The Boot’. She lays down some darn good suggestions for what to miss and even better alternatives to the ‘over-touristy’ attractions.

3. Max Williams rates his budget cruise to South Australia
Max is one of our favourite contributors – and yours, too, it would seem. This year, Max hit the high seas of the Great Australian Bight, on a budget six-night cruise from Melbourne to South Australia, stopping at Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island on the way. Did he get what he paid for? Max reviews his cruise as only he knows how – with humour, honesty and a slice of lemon.

The top two clicking destination articles for 2018 didn’t specifically focus on a destination, but rather; had a ‘round-the-world’ theme.

2. How I travelled the world with only a carry-on bag
Twelve countries, 27 cities, 20 planes, 11 trains, four boats, three continents, two islands, freezing snow, sweltering sun and one carry-on bag. Rachel set herself a monumental test which she not only passed but was also able to share with anyone who thinks travelling light is impossible.

1. The perils of purchasing a round-the-world ticket
While round-the-world tickets are fantastic value and enable you to see more for less, they do come with conditions – some known and, as Jocelyn Pride discovered, some that just can’t be planned for. Her Holiday Horror Story certainly peaked your interest and serves as a warning for anyone planning to purchase these ‘convenient’ airfares.

Which of our destination stories did you most enjoy this year? If you have one of your own, send it to [email protected] – we’d love to read it and, maybe, publish it!

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