Will my tablet be confiscated?

Bob is travelling to Morocco for a fortnight and needs his tablet so he can write his memoirs on the ways. He’ll be flying on to the US after his holiday in North Africa and wants to know if his device will be confiscated when he lands.


Q. Bob
Hi. I’m off for a holiday to Morocco and I’m taking my tablet with me. I plan to write a travel memoir and use it to take photos. I’m going to the US for a week on my way back home and I want to know if my tablet will be confiscated just as a laptop would be under those new electronics bans.

A. The US ban on laptops and electronics on board flights hailing from Middle Eastern airports was well-publicised. The fact that the ban was lifted in July last year didn’t receive nearly as much attention.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security: “There are currently no airlines under restrictions for large personal electronic devices. The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has lifted the restrictions on large personal electronic devices for the 10 airports and nine airlines in the Middle East and North Africa, which were announced in March. These airports and airlines have also successfully implemented the first phase of enhanced security measures.

“There is no impact on domestic flights in the United States or flights departing the United States. Electronic devices will continue to be allowed on all flights originating in the United States.”

So, Bob, your tablet will be safe and sound and able to go through US Customs without any problems!

Were you aware that the electronics ban had been lifted?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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