Avoid flying on these dates in 2016

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Securing affordable flights has never been easier, especially if you choose to travel during low seasons.

However, due to school holidays and personal circumstances, many people do not have the same luxury of choice. To make organising your 2016 holidays simpler, Flight Centre has outlined the most expensive days to fly this year.

Though these dates may vary between airlines, you would do best to avoid travelling on: 

5 June
The high summer travel period beginning in Europe, along with Australian winter school holidays starting means peak season fares for everyone.

17 June
Travellers to North America can expect a price increase on this date as the peak travel season starts up.

23 September
The third-term school holidays start, meaning many Australian travellers will paying through the nose to get to destinations such as Fiji, Bali, Phuket, Hawaii and Los Angeles. 

30 September
Happy AFL Grand Final day. If you’re heading to Melbourne you can expect inflated travel prices on this date.

26 November
High school exams are over and schoolies for NSW and Victoria students begins, meaning increased prices for all Gold Coast flights.

22 December
The Christmas season will well and truly have kicked-off, and prices will continue to rise during the period, remaining high until most people have returned to work and school.

How to save money on travel
Avoid price hikes on fares and accommodation by booking well in advance.

Generally, you can expect that the price of all domestic flights to rise closer to the flight date. Additionally, flight rates work on a supply-and-demand structure, so when demand for airfares and accommodation increase, so do prices.

Airlines apply different prices to various areas of seating, and then release them starting with the cheapest. There may still be cheaper seats available closer to peak-season, but they tend to sell very quickly and the prices increase from there.

What are your tips for securing low-cost airfares?

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