Worst seat on plane for sleep

The best way to make it through a long-haul flight is to be asleep for the entire trip. Unfortunately, this is notoriously hard to do.

If you fly in business or first class, then hooray for you, you’ve already got the best chance at getting a little shut eye. But for the rest of us sitting down the back of the plane like sardines, the small difference between the seats can have a huge impact on our ability to snooze. 

Bill Fish, a sleep science coach told INSIDER that “without question, the best seat for quality sleep on a plane is the window seat”. This is because you are able to rest your head against the wall of the plane, resting your neck, and you also won’t be disturbed if the passenger in the middle or aisle seat gets up. Sitting in the middle of the plane helps you avoid the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and first class, and flushing of the toilets.

man trying to sleep on a plane

The worst seats on a plane are the middle and aisle seats in the exit row and in the last row. These seats barely recline, meaning that you’ll be stuck sitting in an upright position for the whole flight. Of these rows, the exit seat is more appealing, especially for those with long legs. The most uncomfortable seat on a plan is the middle seat in the back row as you have little personal space, will likely be woken up by your seat neighbours when they get up, and will have the commotion of the toilets flushing and people in the aisle waiting for the bathroom.

Some airlines will allow you to select your seat on a flight for a small additional fee. If you want to get some shut eye or your flight is particularly long, I recommend taking this option. Also remember to bring a pillow to help support your neck, an eye mask to block out light and noise cancelling headphones to get some peace and quiet.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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