Your long-haul flight in sketches

If you’ve ever taken a long-haul flight and wondered why you put yourself through the horror, then you need to look at these pictures.

From the joys of trying to sleep and the questionable food offered, to the battle with your chair and your neighbour, no topic is left unsketched by artist Christoph Niemann.

On a recent plane from New York to Berlin via London, Christoph decided to draw the various stages of the flight along with his accompanying thoughts. And the results do not disappoint. 

A visual diary that would look similar to most other passengers’ experiences, I think we can all relate to his take on the process of travelling across the globe.

Aptly summing up that more often than not neck pillows are more pain than gain, I actually laughed out loud at the diagram depicting the subject of seat reclining, not to mention the seat back monitor images. If only that button on the remote really did delete your neighbour…

Take a look at the pictures and tell us which is your favourite?


Click NEXT to see more

Click NEXT to see more

One final thought, it might be worth booking the basinet next long-haul flight!

See more of Christoph Niemann’s work on his website.

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Written by SJ


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