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Trending: Top 5 articles

Article: Your Age Pension fact check
Why it worked: 75 per cent of Australian retirees are on a full or part Age Pension so facts (particularly those from independent sites) about their income stream are extremely clicky. Put simply, our members don’t always believe government spin.
Author: Kaye Fallick

Article: PM Turnbull now targeting super
Why it worked: A new Prime Minister and policy changes are very topical. Superannuation is also critical for retirement income so articles on changes are always clicky.
Author: Leon Della Bosca 

Article: 10 things to always carry on
Why it worked: Highly relevant for the 77 per cent of our members who will travel interstate and the 52 per cent heading overseas in the coming year. Lists work and travel lists work even better!
Author: SJ Fallick

Article: What your poo says about you
Why it worked: Taboo subject, but a fun and informative discussion with tasteful images.
Author: Debbie McTaggart

Article: How to speed up your smartphone
Why it worked: With the vast majority of our members owning a smartphone, plain English, handy hints on getting the most out of their devices are always a hit.
Author: Ryan Boutland

*Campaign Monitor November 2015


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