Trending: Top five articles July 2016

Why were they so good?

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: Do your debts die with you?
Why it worked: The article covered the taboo subject of death and what happens to your finances and debts when you die. This article piqued the interest of those readers with a family member in the later stages of their life.
Author: Rod Cunich

Article: Why super doesn't work
Why it worked: YourLifeChoices retirement expert Kaye Fallick shared why and how the superannuation system has fallen down. Kaye’s article blurb was provocative in suggesting that readers have been ripped off.
Author: Kaye Fallick

: How to find the cheapest flights
Why it worked: The baby boomer generation is thriftier than its younger counterparts. As this generation has more time to search for a deal and flexibility with dates, they are always looking out for the best deal without sacrificing on quality.
Author: Drew Patchell

: Early signs of heart trouble
Why it worked: Due to the age range of our readership, a large portion of readers will have heard of a friend or family that has suffered heart troubles.
Author: Leon Della Bosca

: When will I get the NBN?
Why it worked: With billions of tax payers money invested into the program and plans that are significantly cheaper than the rate most readers are paying for non-NBN services, readers are extremely interested in finding out when the NBN will be available in their area.
Author: Amelia Theodorakis


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