Tributes and celebrations


The final app: Sending death into cyberspace

Concerned about the ever-expanding urban sprawl? Here's how we can free up space.

Australia’s true baptism of fire – before Gallipoli

Did you think that everything that could be written about World War I had been written? Author

Grief: when celebrities touch our lives

The death of a high-profile individual, such as Muhammad Ali, can have a profound effect.

Does personalising a funeral make a difference?

A funeral planned with your wishes in mind makes it easier for your family.

I’ve been asked to write a eulogy – what do I do?

Giving a eulogy is all about speaking from the heart.

Focus on grief – memorialisation

Memorialising those we have lost is a trait we humans have practiced for thousands of years.

Focus on grief - personalisation

Grief plays a large part in saying goodbye to a loved one.

Remembering a loved one

A permanent memorial to a loved one is important to the grieving process.

Three tech-savvy ways to pay tribute

Here are three ideas to get your creative muscles working.



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