Trump’s extreme vetting now includes digital strip searches

The contents of your smartphone could be examined when you enter the US.

Trump’s extreme vetting now includes digital strip searches

If Donald Trump has his way, the contents of your smartphone, including all your passwords, contacts, emails and browsing history, could be examined when you enter the US.

The Trump administration is trying to push its ‘extreme vetting’ policy even further, by requiring foreign visitors, including those from Australia, Britain, Germany and France, to undergo a rigorous ‘evaluation’ upon entering the country.

“If there is any doubt about a person’s intentions coming to the United States, they should have to … really and truly prove to our satisfaction, that they are coming for legitimate reasons,” said Department of Homeland Security advisor Gene Hamilton.

The aim of these digital strip searches is to figure out with whom you are communicating, through the websites you visit and your social media networks.

“What you can get on the average person’s phone can be invaluable,” said a Homeland Security consultant.

So, what happens if you don’t comply?

Depending on your visa type or migration status, you could be turned away or held for an indefinite period.

US citizens and returning green card holders cannot be denied entry for refusing to provide access to their smartphones. If you don’t wish to hand over your passwords and private information, experts recommend using encryption and a strong password or leaving your primary phone at home and travelling with a backup phone instead.

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    8th Apr 2017
    As if anyone who intended harm to the US would bring a phone with evidence of that on it, streuth Trump must be stupid.
    8th Apr 2017
    It would save a fortune in dealing with international crime and syndicates. Australia needs to adopt the same policy. There are so many crooks entering and leaving our shores 24/7.
    8th Apr 2017
    i wouldn't be caught dead entering a country that would invade my privacy to that level !!! I have no criminal record at all and live a peaceful private life - how dare they. Thailand looks nice they welcome you with open arms !!!'n
    8th Apr 2017
    Rickrick...What do you think of those Thai Refugee camps? They make Manus look like paradise. What Trump wants to bring out will catch on everywhere because there are too many crooks running around the globe.
    8th Apr 2017
    Jackie, there would be no crooks still running around anywhere if they were so stupid as to have incriminating evidence on their phones, bank accounts, personal dealings of any kind, etc. etc. - that digital scheme would hurt no crooks, terrorists, politicians etc, it is just another degree of freedom to be taken away from ordinary not so rich people, - yet more fear to manipulate the voters to vote for the rich, think about it..
    Tom Tank
    8th Apr 2017
    A sure sign the Terrorists have won by going so far. As other posts have said no crook, or terrorist worth his salt would carry incriminating evidence that would get them found out.

    8th Apr 2017
    This smacks of more Trump bashing hysteria! Surprised the Donald hasn't been accused of paedophilia, necrophilia, and a dozen other despicable offences against humanity. When will the bashing stop? Take a look at the character of the other presidential candidate - an honest look - and tell me if you can identify an honourable person! Let's get off this bloke's back, and give him a go - he is dealing with problems manifestly greater than any the rest of us have to grapple with!
    8th Apr 2017
    Hi Al, the Americans were confronted with a choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, - not that dissimiliar to Oz, but time has passed, people elected have to face criticism if they deserve it, - that is how Democracy should work, nay, Must work.

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