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YOURLifeChoices website is for men and women aged 45+ who are keen to stay up-to-date on the things that matter most– their health, relationships, wealth, travel, work, technology – as well as how to transition to retirement most easily and have some fun along the way. Increasingly, regardless of your age, the internet is the natural way to do this. In a time of information overload, it’s no wonder our 70,100 (opt in) subscribers enjoy our free enewsletters, Q&A and electronic magazine.

With an emphasis on health, wealth, travel, work, technology and food we work hard to source the most relevant information, research and resources to simplify your life choices.

YOURLifeChoices website is not just about information, resources and Q&A. We are also a vigorous advocate on behalf of our 70,100 members, referring questions and comments to relevant government ministers and shadow ministers, instances of ageism to the Commissioner for Age Discrimination and submissions on retirement income and rights for older people to other relevant authorities.

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