$5 per day campervan adventures

We all love a deal so here’s Kaye’s favourite way to travel Australia while saving money you would normally spend at home.

Every so often the dream deal hits my desk. And this week, just as summer started to unfold around Australia, my thoughts turned to the great outdoors. But how to enjoy a holiday without breaking the bank?

I followed the links online and uncovered a great opportunity for those on a limited budget, but keen to try out the Grey Nomad lifestyle. And I discovered the Drive Now website which offers campervan relocation hire for as little as a $1 a day. To be honest I had difficulty finding the $1 a day specials, but I did find a huge range of relocation deals for $5 a day, which is far cheaper than staying at home! Some are also offering up to $150 free fuel, others up to $300. And nearly every major city in Australia is covered, so where you live shouldn’t be a handicap. So regardless of whether you live in Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Sydney or Adelaide, there is a van waiting to take you on the open road. 

There are even deals in New Zealand for those planning a jaunt to the land of the long white cloud. Deals are updated daily, so you may wish to sign up to the notification email. What are you waiting for?

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