A bus-load of money

Well done Ken Grenda and his sons, Scott and Geoff, who have looked after the employees who made their business successful and netted them a cool $400 million from its sale. Putting aside $15 million to provide a ‘thank you’ for loyal employees, the Grenda family has ensured that it will be the recipient of any ‘Employer of the Year’ awards being handed out.

While this is incredibly generous and something which larger businesses with shareholders to answer to would never consider, what is truly staggering is that the company has worked tirelessly to ensure that employees’ jobs are safe. Just last week Toyota laid off workers in Australia, as several overseas companies have done so before. The Grenda family has not only realised the value of its employees in monetary terms, but have given them a sense of ownership of the business as it changes hands. This Australian company has stood up for the rights of Australian workers. It has shown us that if we work together, instead of against each other, we can build something great. This is good old-fashioned Aussie mateship at its best.

Larger companies and overseas employers should take note on how to make a business successful and improve public perception. It may take a little extra work, but surely the outcome is more important than the bottom line.

What do you think? Do overseas companies take Australia and its workforce for granted – casting them aside when times are tough?

Is the generosity of the Grenda family typical of Australian values?

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