A moment in history

Clive James left Australia 50 years ago, but his witty tales of growing up in Australia have charmed millions. His story is only one of many featured in APIA’s Time of my life series.

Born Vivian Leopold James, the larrikin from Sydney was allowed to change his name after Gone with the wind hit the big screen and Vivien Leigh’s performance made his unusual moniker a popular girls name.  The British, who appreciated his intellectual, dry wit and couldn’t get enough of his memoirs of life in Australia, embraced him as one of their own. But James, who is now gravely ill, never forgot Australia was his home. Watch more about the boy from Kogarah.

Or if Clive James isn’t your cup of tea, then there are many other stories from Australian greats which shouldn’t be missed. What about Margaret Whitlam AO, or Joseph Plibersek? See how these people shaped Australian history