A rose by any other name

Forget farmer wants a wife; South Australia wants a new name. This is the suggestion of Peter Vaughan, Chief Executive of Business SA, the peak business group of the state. He claims that potential international visitors find it hard to grasp exactly what South Australia means. They often think it means the entire south of Australia and when the initials of SA are used they think of South Africa. Perhaps the state does have an identity problem.

It seems unlikely that this suggestion will ever get off the ground, I mean it’s not like the whole state can just pop down to the local deed poll office and fill out a few forms. But maybe Vaughan is right. Maybe it’s time to be inventive and change the face of South Australia forever. Naming an entire state is a rare opportunity indeed. It’s not something we get to do every day.

Perhaps we could name it after the state’s most famous musical export. ‘County Chisel’ has a certain ring to it. The State’s cricket team are known as the Redbacks so maybe ‘Redback’ would be an appropriate name? Although this is likely to deter even more international visitors than the supposedly confusing South Australia. A famous South Australian culinary delight is the pie floater, typically a meat pie sitting in a bowl of green pea soup. So maybe we could call the state ‘Peapie’. A more regal sounding name would be Hindmarsh, after Governor John Hindmarsh who proclaimed the area as a colony back in 1836.

As I said earlier, naming a state is a very unique opportunity, so give it a go. What would you call South Australia if you had the chance? Or is the name change a ridiculous idea?

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