A word on the Carbon Tax

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has shared his views on the Carbon Tax. Have a read and then share your comments at the bottom of the page.

Labor’s betrayal of the Australian people is now complete.

Having promised No Carbon Tax they have voted for it. If the Carbon Tax was such a good policy why deny you would implement the tax?

The Carbon Tax will increase the cost of living, increase job insecurity, and do damage to the environment.

It will damage the environment through the exporting of emissions. Coogee Chemicals is a classic example. 150 jobs, $1 billion worth of investment with the potential for $14 billion worth of export earnings for Australia with a brand new methanol plant has now left us for China. In China its carbon emissions will be four times greater than in the pre-carbon tax Australia.

Bad for jobs, bad for the economy and bad for the environment.

In Europe a lot smaller carbon scheme has seen the aluminium smelting sector simply move offshore – to Africa. Does anyone really believe the environmental practices in Africa are better than Europe?

That is why no other country has adopted as big a carbon tax as Australia. What’s more none will follow suit. Those that were thinking of a carbon tax are now rejecting it from President Obama in the USA, to Canada, France, and Japan. Those with carbon prices are winding back like New Zealand, Spain, California, New Hampshire and Ontario.

It’s a bad policy based on deceit which the public and the rest of the world are rejecting. What is more it will damage the environment.

The Coalition understands the good intentions of some who support the Carbon Tax. But good intentions are no substitute for sound policy.

The Coalition has a better way – it’s Direct Action Plan.

A strategy now being adopted around the world.

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