Abbott victory a shoo-in

No matter which way you look at the polling, you would have to conclude that next week will see Tony Abbott sworn in as Prime Minister. Rather than link to the ‘usual’ polls, we are sharing a link to a Wikipedia summary of all polls, so you can see how they vary, but also how consistent they are on the lead currently held – three days out – by the Coalition. Projecting a Liberal-NCP win, Australian Financial Review commentator, Laura Tingle, suggests we are now about to see revenge on a large scale, with the Labor party highly unlikely to give the new government ‘an easy ride’.

So what will an Abbott-led government deliver?

Watch Laura Tingle discussing Labor’s possible revenge.

The leader we deserve?

Barring an unforeseen natural disaster of epic proportions which positions our Kev as the only man who can get us out of trouble, we will see Tony Abbott sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia sometime next week. This is the natural conclusion of six years of divisive politicking by Mr Abbott, so to the victor goes the spoils. Mr Rudd is unlikely to hack opposition for long. He’s too egotistical to cop anything less than the top job, as Australians well know. He’s also personally wealthy enough to give up a parliamentarian’s salary without a second thought. And, to be fair, he’s a sufficiently intelligent and experienced diplomat to pull a top overseas posting in record time. So it’s goodbye Kev, probably sooner rather than later.

So Australia will face – barring any other unforeseen circumstances – a three-year stint with Tony Abbott as PM.

I have been joking for some time now that this means I will have to leave the country, and this will give me the perfect excuse for my long-held hankering for a sabbatical in Paris. But that’s just a dream I can’t fulfil, so I will be here, front and centre, to experience Mr Abbott’s tenure.

Those who read my blogs will know I have little respect for Mr Abbott’s performance as leader of the Opposition. Yes, he will have won the election. But at what cost to our parliament and our political culture? At a huge cost, I will maintain. In today’s Australian Financial Review, journalist Laura Tingle has highlighted the fact that Mr Abbott’s relentless negativity has now provided a green light to Labor to block each and every legislative initiative the new government attempts to introduce. At one level it is tempting to be petty and say, ‘So be it’ and hope the Coalition is at least equally as frustrated as the minority Labor Government has been since 2010.

But how sad would this be?

Australia is a great country.

It is youthful, dynamic, gutsy and free.

We deserve the very best government and the very best legislation that can be passed.

So I, like all others, will have to grit my teeth and wish Doctor No well.

Good luck Tony – you’ll need it – and you’ll need all those we didn’t vote for to push through the policy we need to move ahead.

What do you think? If the Liberal NCP wins, should Labor be as obstructive as the current opposition has been? Or should we all get behind our next government?

Written by Kaye Fallick