Addiction spares nobody

The passing of Whitney Houston over the weekend is yet another reminder of how addiction can strike anyone, no matter how rich or poor you are. While the actual cause of death is still unknown to the public, Houston’s tough battle against drugs sparked a decline in her health over recent years. Being a public figure, this battle has been played out on our TV screens and in gossip magazines the world over. It’s a decline that has now sadly ended with her dying at the age of 48. Far too young.

We are constantly hearing of celebrities with drug addictions, and not just in American showbiz. Some of the more well-known examples include former AFL footballer Ben Cousins and actor Matthew Newton. But for every public example there are countless more ‘everyday’ Australians dealing with addiction. These addictions can include drugs, alcohol and gambling. Most of us probably know someone affected by addiction, whether we’re aware of it or not. Unfortunately it is very hard to find the solution to these illnesses. If there was an easy answer, we’d have found it by now.

The one thing that we need to realise is that people with these addictions aren’t easily ‘healed’. It is often something that they will fight for the rest of their lives and the shadow of addiction constantly threatens to encroach on their lives. On top of this they have to deal with the stigma associated with addiction.   

Do you think it’s time to remove the stigma from addiction? Will this help people who are trying to rehabilitate themselves? Do you have a personal story of addiction that you would like to share to help others?

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