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On Sunday 3 July the Federal Government revealed the details of the proposed carbon tax. We asked YOURLifeChoices members to share their thoughts about the proposed tax in a snap poll. And nearly 1400 responses later, here are the results. Are they consistent with your beliefs? Have our members got it right? Read on for Kaye’s blog on the results …and post your comments in reply.

Poll Results

Do you think the carbon tax is justified?
Yes – 392 (29.2%)
No – 951 (70.8%)
Answered question – 1,343
Has sufficient compensation been given to those who need it most?
Yes – 442 (33.3%)
No – 884 (66.7%)
Answered question – 1,326
Do you think Julia Gillard misled the public with her pre-election promise not to implement a carbon tax?
Yes – 1,067 (80.5%)
No – 259 (19.5%)
Answered question – 1,326
Should the Coalition release more concrete details of its proposed plan to tackle carbon pollution?
Yes – 1,024 (76.5%)
No – 314 (23.5%)
Answered question – 1,338
Do you think you will be personally adversely affected by the carbon tax?
Yes – 991 (73.9%)
No – 350 (26.1%)
Answered question – 1,341

Well the results are in and I have to say that our members seem to disagree with everything I believe and have written, about the proposed carbon tax – with the notable exception that a clear majority of members do think the Coalition needs to release more concrete details of its plan to tackle.
Given the results above, I realise that this statement is not going to be particularly popular, but in the interests of an honest blog… I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb 🙂
I am personally saddened that Australians feel so negative about leading the world in fighting climate change. In times past, we were ahead of the game. Now we feel unless another nation does something first, it is not up to us to implement social change. So what if our grandchildren are adversely impacted by excess carbon emissions, who cares, someone else can lead the way, we seem to be saying.
I am even more disappointed that the negativity of Mr. Abbott and his followers, including the shock jocks, has caused such a loss of confidence in what is, relatively speaking, the soundest economy in the world. I don’t imagine it is easy for PM Julia Gillard to get out of bed each day and face ordinary Australians who have been influenced by the 70% Murdoch-owned press and its hysterical coverage of a tax we will have, whether this year, next year or in five years time. I deeply admire her courage and tenacity and look forward to the day when this very necessary tax is just yesterday’s news.
Go Julia…

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