Age Pension changes - Will you receive more?

The rate of the Age Pension has changed for singles and couples.

If receiving a full pension singles will get a rise of $32.49 per week and couples an increase of $10.14 (combined) per week.

The single (full) pension increase will comprise +$30 (in base pension rate) per week and +$2.49 per week (in new pension supplement, to be paid fortnightly)

Couples increase will be +$10.14 per week (in new pension supplement which covers existing GST supplement, PBS allowance, utilities)

The full single age pension is now, according to the Treasurer, 27.7% of average male weekly earnings. And it has been increased to two thirds of the combined couple rate. This increase will be paid from September 20 2009. From July 2010 there will be greater flexibility in the timing and system of payments.