Aged Care in the home

Most Australian wish to be remain in their own home as they age and there are a number of packages which can assist them to do so. YOURLifeChoices explains which packages can be arranged through Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and what they mean.

ACATs will assess if there is a suitable package to help you remain at home and if this is possible, will arrange one of the following packages:

Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs)
CACPs are funded by the Australian Government and are individually designed to assist with the complex care needs of older Australians wishing to be cared for in their own home.

The different aspects of what can be provided under a CACPs are flexible and include:
· personal care;
· social support;
· transport to appointments;
· home help;
· meal preparation; and
· gardening.

Home and Community Care Program (HACC)
Funding for HACC is a joint venture provided by the federal and state and territory governments and as well as offering domestic and personal care services, also allows for allied health care and nursing services. The HACC allows for a basic level of care and can include:

· nursing care
· allied health care
· meals and other food services
· domestic assistance
· personal care
· home modification and maintenance
· transport
· respite care
· counselling, support, information and advocacy
· assessment.

Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH)
EACH packages are funded by the Australian Government and are aimed at providing complex care needs for older Australians in their own homes, and is available in all states and territories. EACH packages are very flexible and can provide for a high level of care in the home which can include:

· registered nursing care
· care by an allied health professional such as a physiotherapist, podiatrist or other type of allied health care
· personal care
· transport to appointments
· social support
· home help
· assistance with oxygen and/or enteral feeding

Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACHD)
An EACHD package offers the same services as EACH but with special assistance for those suffering from behavioural or psychological symptoms as a result of dementia.

Consumer Directed Care Packaged Care (CDC)
CDC allows the end user and their carer to have a greater say in which services are provided and who provides them. The aim is to provide a greater quality of life for recipients due to increased independence and more empowerment over the services they receive.

CDC is offered in three levels and roughly align with the existing subsidy levels of the current Packaged Care programs and are packaged as follows:

· CDC Low Care
· CDC High Care
· CDC High Care Dementia

For more information on what services are available, click YOURLifeChoices link to Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres.

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