Airport know how

There are many perks of travel, the new sights to be seen, food to be eaten, cultures to be discovered … and then there’s the time spent travelling and, even worse, waiting in airports.

Thankfully there’s a website to help you make the most of your time spent at any airport. Sleeping in Airports is specifically designed to solve all your airport-related issues. Want free wifi? It’s got you covered (excuse the pun). Feel like freshening up with a shower? No problem, Sleeping In Airports lists the locations where you can do so.

As the name suggests, should you also be staying the night at the airport, detailed reviews will help you with everything you need to get the best sleep possible, from the best places to curl up to the optimal sleeping position.

The equivalent of the Lonely Planet for airports, the site features tips and tricks, reviews from fellow travellers, a list of the best and worst airports, and information on airport lounges and hotels.

A must-visit before booking your next long layover, take a look at Sleeping In Airports and tell us what you think. Have you ever slept at an airport before? What tip would you give travellers thinking about doing so?



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