Alan Jones loses it

Last week, the Sydney University Liberal Club hosted a $100 a head fund-raiser with Alan Jones as the keynote speaker. Mr. Jones told the attendees that John Gillard, Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s father, had died of shame over his daughter’s lies.

Mr. Jones’ comments were swiftly condemned by members of the public and both sides of politics. Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull was the first off the blocks tweeting ‘Alan Jones’ comments about the late John Gillard were cruel and offensive. He should apologise to the PM and her family.’ Later in the day, the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott called the comments ‘completely out of line’.

Members of the Government were also quick to react with Labor MP Craig Emerson claiming the comments represented ‘the culture that Abbott and his sidekicks seek to promote in the Liberal Party’.

Alan Jones has since issued an apology, admitting his comments about Julia Gillard’s father were unacceptable.

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Opinion – Send a message to the sponsors

Alan Jones is the type of man who loves to read the words ‘Alan Jones’ in the headlines. The ‘apology’ that he gave on the weekend reminded me of my childhood and apologising for my mistakes. I certainly didn’t regret my actions at the time and only made the apology to save face. Alan Jones won’t learn from his actions unless someone sends him a message.

A message was very clearly sent to the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2009 after they hosted a live to-air segment where a 14-year-old girl, who was hooked up to a lie detector, was asked questions about her sex life by her mother. The show’s major sponsors cancelled their contracts, not wishing to be assosciated with that type of content. This is what can, and should, happen in the case of the Alan Jone’s program on radio station 2GB.

Toyota, Virgin Australia, Big W and St George Bank are some of the big names advertising in this time slot. Many angry customers have already voiced their opinion on these companies’ Facebook pages and on Twitter.

“While you sponsor #AlanJones & his misogyny, I will boycott you @VirginAustralia @bigw @StGeorgeBank @Toyota_Au” said @RichardTheWatts

Freedom Furniture and Challenger have both pulled their advertising this morning, two weeks after Lexus of Parramatta cancelled advertising over Jones’ comments about women ‘destroying this joint’.

Alan Jones is a ticking time bomb for 2GB. Even though the announcer is also a shareholder in the station and there is no doubt that he pulls in the listeners, you can’t fund a commerical radio station without paid advertising.

Should 2GB sack Alan Jones for his comments?
Does his style of presenting make for ‘good radio’?

We appreciate the rebust debate that has taken place on this topic and have now closed the topic from any further comments.

Written by Drew

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