An apology, but not sorry

Seven months on from the demise of News International’s News of the World (NOTW), the stable’s latest Sunday tabloid rolled off the press, the Sun on Sunday. Rupert Murdoch himself was in London to see the first edition of the new addition to his publishing portfolio. This was just as singer Charlotte Church, who was a victim of NOTW phone hacking, was giving an interview at her home.

Accepting a settlement the equivalent of $951,000, Ms Church was looking forwardto putting her legal troubles behind her and concentrating on her young children. Leaving court on Monday, Charlotte Church said “They’re not truly sorry. They are just sorry they got caught”.

The Sun on Sunday sold 3.26 million copies of its first edition, although it was noted there was a lack of ‘kiss and tell’ scandals on which its predecessor the NOTW built its reputation.

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