Australia’s best airline

Regional Express (REX) airline has been named Australia’s top performing airline, and it has been ranked as the fifth best in the world. The rankings are based on four criteria: financial health, earnings performance, capital efficiency and business model performance.

The next best Australian airline in the rankings is Qantas, which is ranked 50th in the world, a whole 45 places below REX.

The top five best performing airlines for this year are:

  1. Copa Holdings (Panama)
  2. Allegiant Travel Co (USA)
  3. Spirit Airlines (USA)
  4. Japan Airlines (Japan)
  5. Regional Express (REX) (Australia)

REX executive chairman Lim Kim Hai commented, “It is pleasing to see that our excellence is not only in the financial arena, as REX was also the most reliable airline in 2013 in Australia.”

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