Bangalow farmer’s market

When trying to keep food bills affordable, consider cutting out the middleman and head to your local farmers’ market. One of my favourites is Bangalow in New South Wales, a great place to spend a relaxing Saturday morning.

The common perception is that produce bought at farmers’ markets is more expensive than supermarkets,  and yes, you may pay a few cents more, but you are getting food which is fresh, will last longer and the money is going direct to the supplier. Spending a morning moseying around the stalls, chatting to farmers about their produce, is a lovely, relaxing way to spend the time. The farmers are only too happy to let you know what produce is in season, usually what they’re selling, and how best to store, prepare and cook it.

While the produce on offer is as fresh as it can be, it’s the social side of farmers’ markets which appeal to me most. They are a great place to meet locals, find out which restaurants are buying their produce locally and what’s happening in town later on.

To try and make ends meet, farmers often diversify into other goods made from their produce such as cheese, homemade soups, delicious sausages and tasty breads, and these goods are the ones which are often sold cheaper than what you find in the large supermarkets. Farmers are only too happy to let you taste their wares, a clever way of snacking on the go without it costing you a cent.

Bangalow farmers’ market is held every Saturday morning between 7 and 11am. And if you’re lucky enough to be passing, pop in and have a look at what’s on offer from the Bangalow Cheese Co, which has just been awarded an Excellence in Agriculture award at the Sydney Easter Royal Show.

Bangalow Farmers’ Market
Bangalow Hotel car park,
1 Byron Street

Or why not look up a farmers’ market near you this weekend.
Australian Farmer’s Markets Directory

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