Being productive on aged care

There’s no secret to the fact that Australia is facing a shortage of affordable aged care facilities and nurses. That’s why the recent Productivity Commission Report into Aged Care, Caring for Older Australians, is fundamental in planning for an ageing population. But did they get it right?

Aged care is an issue for us all, whether a move to a facility is imminent or many years away. Planning for future care needs can never start too early but what provisions will the Federal Government put in place to assist?

The YOURLifeChoices team are currently digesting the information and detail in the report, Caring for Older Australians. Our enews on Tuesday 16 August will clarify and simplify the detail and we will aim to answer the burning questions.

Is there any specific item you would like clarified? Or do you already have an opinion on the Commission’s report? Let us know.

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