Best of catch-up TV 19 June

Winter television is a mix of reality shows and genuinely good drama shows, but how do you know which are worth watching? Even if you’ve missed the first episode, you can always catch up online.

The Tunnel – ABC iView
A remake of the Swedish/Danish drama, The Bridge. In this British version, a body is found at exactly the halfway point between Britain and France in the Chunnel, but the joint investigation may not go too smoothly.

World Cup – SBS on Demand
Now that the World Cup has started, there’s not much else on SBS other than football. So if you’re a fan of the round-ball game, you can catch up on the games you’ve missed or the highlights shows.

Winners and Losers – 7Plus
The first 10 episodes of the 2014 series of the hit show, which follows the lives of four lottery winners whose fortunes have varied dramatically, aired earlier in the year. Now it’s back with episodes 11 and 12 available to watch online.

Kalgoorlie Cops – Jump-in
If you’ve ever wondered if there’s enough to keep the police busy in outback areas, then this documentary is for you.

The Goodwin Games – ten play
This American comedy centres around three siblings who simply don’t get on. When the return home following the death of their father, their surprised to find out they could be in with a shout of inheriting $20m, but it comes with a twist.