Breastfeeding photos banned from Facebook

At least 375 Facebook users have had their Facebook accounts temporarily de-activated for uploading breastfeeding photos to their accounts. These photos were reported to Facebook by one or more of the users’ friends.

Facebook’s terms of use state that users cannot post content that is hateful, pornographic, contains nudity or incites violence. They also reserve the right to remove any content that infringes or violates another’s rights or the law.

South Australia’s Minister for the Status of Women, Gail Gago, commented earlier this week, slamming the decision by Facebook to remove the photos, saying “Breastfeeding your baby is a normal and natural thing to do”.

A group of 80 women demonstrated outside the Sydney offices of Facebook yesterday, attempting to deliver an open letter to a Facebook employee. Instead of sending a staff member to accept the letter, Facebook sent down a security guard.

Would you be comfortable if one of your friends uploaded a photo of them breastfeeding?

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Written by Drew

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