Britain and Ireland Delight

On this eight-day Trafalgar CostSaver guided holiday you will get so much more, for so much less. Get a closer look at the castles, churches and historic towns of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all from just $1,225 per person.

Spend eight days travelling through some of the most picturesque and historically fascinating places across Britain and Ireland. Start your journey in London and head to York, where the splendid Minster awaits, before heading to Leeds for dinner. After a relaxing night it’s on to the north and perhaps a romantic interlude at the smithy’s forge in Gretna Green, famed for those wishing to elope.

After spending the night in glorious Glasgow, Scotland’s capital and one of the world’s most impressive castles awaits you in Edinburgh. A second night in Glasgow will allow you to rest before you head across the water to Ireland, where the beautiful green, lush countryside of the north and Belfast, is easily rivalled by that in the south. A full day’s sightseeing in Dublin will certainly help you understand why the Emerald Isle is so magical.

Hopefully you’ll have saved some space in your luggage to enable you to select a piece of beautiful Waterford crystal, before you leave Ireland behind and travel to Wales. A trip to Cardiff Castle and a night in the city is on the cards before the next day’s adventure to the Roman city of Bath and the majestic Stonehenge.

This is only a taster of all you can enjoy on your Britain and Ireland CostSaver guided holiday. For full details and inclusions, visit




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