Budget movie tickets

Luxuries like going to the cinema can be the first to go when living on a budget. Discount tickets to movies are available, you just need to know when and where.

There are several ways to make a trip to the movies more affordable. Enjoy some of the latest blockbusters by following YOURLifeChoices tips:

·tMany of the big cinema groups have a cheap day for watching movies, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday. This is a good time to take advantage of cheaper tickets.

·tIf you qualify as a senior, then take advantage of cheaper seniors tickets on certain days

·tBecome a member of your nearest cinema’s movie club. Often free to join, you get special offers, members ticket prices and the chance to win passes to new release movies

·tClub together with your friends and buy a book of ten cinemas tickets. You can save up to 25% on ticket prices when buying in bulk

·tCinemas often have a discount movie of the week or a bargain screening on a movie which has been showing for a while.

·tSign up for newsletters and be first to find out about great offers.

·tFinally, keep your eyes open for some great YOURLifeChoices movie giveaways

For more details of offers and cinema clubs, click on the link below of your nearest cinema.


Australian Multiplex Cinemas

Village Cinemas

Greater Union/Birch & Carroll

Palace Cinemas

If your local cinema has an offer that is too good to miss, why not share it with other YOURLifeChoices subscribers on the Meeting Place

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