Budget predictions – Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the first government policy in many years that can claim the tag of bi-partisan. While the coalition and state governments are dubious about the funding of an NDIS, this project is ear marked for commencement next year.

The NDIS will commence July 2013 and will service 10,000 people with a disability, with that number due to increase to 20,000 from the middle of 2014. On announcing the start date for the scheme, the Government has committed to funding its share of the scheme, but is still looking to the individual states and territories to come up with additional money.

The scheme has the backing of coalition leader Tony Abbott but shadow treasurer Joe Hockey is concerned about the $8 billion per annum price tag and where the money will come from.

To find out more about the NDIS, visit the website of the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers.