Busy hands, busy minds

Jim Livingstone always had a shed in the back yard – and now he lives at Lend Lease’s Heathglen village in Werribee, Victoria, nothing has changed.

Jim is one of a host of residents who use the village’s workshop and is a firm believer that ‘tinkering’ in the shed is just as important as it’s always been.

“Keeping your hands busy is a great way of keeping your mind active and interested,” Jim said.

“I’ve always had a small work shed throughout my life and it’s always been somewhere you can go and invent or fix things – plus it provides a great social environment to get together and talk about all sorts.”

The workshop at Heathglen hosts a veritable bounty of power and hand tools, with almost everything the home handyperson could want.

And, it’s not the only Lend Lease community with a shed out the back.

Henry Kendall Gardens in Wyoming, New South Wales, has three.

“We have three woodworking lathes, a metal lathe, a glass wheel and welding equipment plus literally hundreds of hand tools people have brought in over the years,” said John Shaw, President of the Henry Kendall Workshop.

Although the sheds are called workshops, there’s also plenty of time for a chat and a laugh.

“We stop every Monday morning at 9.30am for a cup of tea or coffee and we find ourselves talking about all sorts of things,” John said.

“It’s a good way to meet new people and even rekindle old friendships. We have a couple of blokes who used to work together on the railways many years ago and they’re now back in the same workspace with each other again, only not working so hard!”

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