Car hire with a difference

YOURLifeChoices has negotiated this special rate with GoGet to allow our members to enjoy six months free membership – valued at $199 (this includes an application fee of $25 and 6 x $29). 

Anyone who owns a car will know the expense involved and many of these costs still occur regardless of how often you actually drive. So when the detail of GoGet of car share came across my desk, I couldn’t help but think it was a great idea.

Imagine not having to fork out for registration and insurance, but still being able to take those relaxing drives along the coast, or having access to a car for that once-a-week visit to your friends and family. GoGet offers the flexibility of having access to a car when you need it, without the ongoing costs.

So how does it work? The simplicity of GoGet is what got me thinking that this was such a clever and useful service. Simply become a member, using the YOURLifeChoices special offer to save you money, and when you need a car, simply jump online and book one. You then amble along to your designated pick up point, swipe your card and you’re off—you don’t even have to worry about petrol.

Whether it’s a small car for a visit to your friend, or perhaps a van if you’re helping someone move, there’s a vehicle to suit your needs so you’re not restricted by the size of car you would otherwise own.

But what I really love about the idea of car share is the decreased car usage and the benefits to the environment and me. If my car wasn’t parked at the door, I would probably walk to work—oh how much fitter I would be! And despite the fact my car is as environmentally friendly as it could be, the idea of not adding to pollution is pretty appealing.

With over 800 vehicles available at locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide and, getting the car you want, when you want it, shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s just like owning a car, only better!

GoGet Special Offer
YOURLifeChoices members can enjoy six months free membership on the GoFrequent plan, valued at $199 dollars and which includes:
Application fee of $25
6 x $29 per month

The GoFrequent plan has an hourly rate of $5.65 + $0.40 per km and daily rate of $68, which includes 150kms free. A security bond of $500 applies. 

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Written by Kaye Fallick