Caring for your wishes and finances

A prepaid funeral from Mareena Purslowe & Associates is not just an ideal way to provide for the care of loved ones after we are gone; it is also an ideal way to care for our families financially.

By taking the decision to plan our own funeral arrangements in advance, we are, in a number of important ways, planning for the emotional protection of those we leave behind.

By making our own decisions about the funeral service, we are saving our nearest and dearest from the uncertainty of having to make decisions without us being present. When a prepaid funeral from Mareena Purslowe & Associates is in place, the empathy, care and women’s understanding Mareena Purslowe & Associates provides will be by your family’s side after a single phone call. Your funeral director will then be able to provide immediate comfort and support to family members as so many of the official steps and decisions have already been completed.

A prepaid funeral from Mareena Purslowe & Associates also provides another series of benefits, and these ones are financial.

Importantly, when you prepay your own funeral, or that of a dependant, you are paying today’s price for the products and services you choose, which protects you and your family from inflation. You are also taking care of an important future cost, which means loved ones won’t be burdened with concerns about finances in the tumultuous time after you are gone.

Other financial benefits to accrue from a prepaid funeral from Mareena Purslowe & Associates are that there are no ongoing premiums and once fully paid, there is no more to pay. The funds you pay for a prepaid funeral are held in trust, until the service is needed, and there is no risk of default. The value of the funeral services you select are not counted in the deeming rules for the Age Pension and part Age Pension entitlements, and you can even pay by instalments.

To find out more about these and other key financial benefits offered by a prepaid funeral from Mareena Purslowe & Associates, call 08 9388 1623 today.

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