Child-friendly holidays

There’s a good chance that your idea of a good holiday and your grandchild’s will be completely different. So how do you make sure compromise is something understood by an eight year old?

The Easter break marks a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to get together. Yet quite often it can turn into a nightmare when varying age gaps cause conflict and family members differing definitions of a ‘good time’ often get in the way of a good time ever being had.

Theme parks and endless mind blowing activities may be your ideal of the holiday from hell but in the mind of a child, visits to museums and afternoon siestas are equally as horrifying. Striking the correct balance to please everyone is difficult, and possible a task best undertaken by the experts.

There are specialist travel companies which deal solely in travelling with children and ensuring the right balance of fun and relaxation is met. They can ensure that you have the right accommodation, pre-book trips and tickets, which often saves money, and advise which areas should be avoided at certain times of the year.

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