Choose your seat… carefully

For some, flying can be daunting. There are certain economy seats on aircrafts which provide more legroom than business class, you just have to know which ones..

There is nothing worse than booking a flight and selecting a seat you think will be perfect for your needs, only to find when you board that the overhead storage is filled with crew supplies, or that you’re positioned next to a lavatory.

The smart thing to do before confirming any seats you book on a flight, is to visit A free service owned and operated by, SeatGuru is easy to use. You visit the website, select the airline you are flying with and enter your flight number into the search function. You will then be presented details of the airplane and a interactive grid. Move your mouse cursor over the green, yellow and red seats on the screen to read what SeatGuru has to say about the different seats. You should always aim to book a green seat, as they provide the most legroom and comfort.

To give it a try, click YOURLifeChoices simple short cut.