Choosing the right accommodation

There is an increasing range of options for those seeking independent living accommodation in their later years. Making the right choice is important, but which aspects should you consider when evaluating potential accommodation alternatives?

Moving to a retirement village may not be top of your list but many of the new facilities being built are luxurious and well equipped, with the following options to choose from:
· Independent living arrangements
· Assisted care living arrangements
· Care centres

But which option best suits your needs?

Independent living arrangements
Independent living arrangements generally refer to the provision of townhouses or apartments where residents are fully self-contained and reliant in all their requirements.
The advantages of independent living include:
· companionship with other residents
· a secure complex
· numerous recreational facilities
· comprehensive back-up care, if required
The townhouses and apartments are generally designed to offer a low maintenance option and often come with assistance for gardening and general household chores.
Modern retirement villages often have their own restaurants and are usually located close to large and convenient services and shopping centres.

Assisted-care living arrangements
For residents who require some help with daily living, the assisted-care living arrangement is ideal. The independent style of living is maintained but it is complemented with a range of services tailored to individual resident’s specific needs.
The serviced apartments are often located nearer to the centre of a retirement village complex where residents have easy access to restaurants, lounges etc.
The advantages of assisted-care living arrangements include:
· continuing high levels of independence
· the security associated with living in a complex, with assistance on hand
· high levels of care, as well as access to any potential care you may require
· continuing companionship with other residents

Care centres
Care centres offer immediate access to services such as medical practitioners, physiotherapists, nursing staff, while allowing the resident to remain as independent as possible. A critical aspect of the care centre will be the hospital, which should be much more than a stereotypical geriatric facility.

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