Christmas stocking stuffers for men

The Art Of Manliness website has released its list of the top 50 stocking stuffers for men. Here are our five favourites from the list:

Pocket ref guide
This little black book is crammed with all the information a man might need to know. It has the fifty most common knots for a tie (and how to tie them), information on the different types of lumber, the formula to determine an oblique triangle and much more.

Survival kit in a sardine can
This waterproof, airtight, crushproof sardine can is full of everything you need to survive in a emergency, from fish hooks to first aid supplies.

Balsa wood aeroplanes
For the man in touch with his inner child, why not try a balsa wood aeroplane? They are quick and easy to put together and they won’t do damage as they glide around the house.

Moustache wax
Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax is the perfect gift for any bloke who grew himself a moustache during Movember. It comes in a variety of scents and the old-fashioned looking tin gives it that little something extra.

Soap on a rope
The now-ironic soap-on-a-rope makes a great gag gift for any man. This English Leather soap-on-a-rope smells very manly and is actually very convenient if you are showering away from home.

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