Cooking classes

There are those that are blessed with a natural understanding of how food works and can rustle up fabulous meals in minutes. Then there are those who are culinary challenged who need a recipe to boil an egg.

Whichever side of the divide your cooking skills lie, a cooking class is a great way to learn the basics, progress your natural cooking ability, or try a new or exotic means of cooking. There are many outlets for cooking classes that don’t need to cost the earth, try your local TAFE for a list of classes on offer.

There are also plenty of websites that offer a comprehensive range of cooking classes that can take you from beginner to cordon bleu chef if you have the time, patience and willingness to give it a go. The social side of such classes is an added bonus, with most people in the class at the same level of ability as you are. To find out what classes are available in your area, visit Cook and Stay.


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