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The holiday season has arrived, which means Australia’s many Taragos and Escapes will be fully stocked and tearing down one of the numbered stretches of road that lead to some of the more beautiful holiday destinations in the world. But first you need to survive the car trip. Thankfully, YOURLifeChoices have put together a list of driving games that will help the trip fly by for the angels in the back seat, and most importantly preserve the sanity of the driver.

1. Car Cricket

Car Cricket has to be one of the best car games in the world. All you need is a pen, a paper and imagination.

White Car = Dot Ball
Any Other Colour = Single
Black Car = 2 Runs
Bus / Truck / Emergency Vehicle / Taxi = 4
Motorbike = 6
Red Car = Wicket!

2. Deck Of Cards

Never enter a cart without a deck of cards. Whether it is an UNO deck or just a standard 52 card pack, there are hundreds of games that can pass numbered hours of time with just 52 pieces of cardboard.

3. 20 Questions

It is one of the oldest games, again, but it is also one of the best. This game will have the little ones entertained for hours, and depending on the nature of the questions, you may even want to join in!

4. License Plate Game

An old game, again, but is very fun and can also be very thought provoking. It passes immeasurable amounts of time, and best of all, there are two ways to play the game, so if one version gets boring then simply move onto the other.

• Write down the letters from the first five license plates you see. Try to make words by scrambling the letters.
• Taking turns with each license plate you see, players write down the numbers from the license plates. Add up the numbers to see who gets the highest number. The person with the highest number wins. Have as many rounds as you like.

5. Scavenger Hunt:

To really ensure that boredom does not set in, you may have to go a bit ‘long term’. Make up a list of things to find along the road. Give each child a list of items to watch for while driving. For a younger child who can’t read, you might draw a little picture of each item next to the word so they will know what to look for. Work as individuals or together as teams. Make up the list ahead of time and enjoy a trip full of an entertained back seat.

City scavenger hunt:
• flashing red light
• bus
• signs in foreign languages
• dog
• food store
• railroad tracks
• billboard with a child on it
• policeman
• license plate with “Q”
• person with tall boots
• person talking on a cell phone

Suburbs scavenger hunt:
• school
• golf course
• someone on a bike
• statue
• church
• playground
• flower garden
• fast food store
• person walking a dog

Rural scavenger hunt:
• silo
• cows
• railroad tracks
• pond or lake
• dirt road
• tractor
• petrol station
• horses
• sheep
• barn

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