Dictate 3 times faster than typing

With an intuitive understanding of voice commands and an ability to understand the peculiarities of a person’s accent and speech style, Dragon can increase your efficiency. You can use a combination of keyboard typing, mouse clicks and voice control to create professional documents, status updates, surf the Internet, write your novel or thesis, or send emails.  The possibilities and ways in which you can make Dragon Software work for you are endless.

Three times faster than typing, Dragon keeps up with you – recording your ideas and reports as fast as you can get the words out of your mouth. And you can even power-on with your thoughts without having to stop mid-sentence to correct a spelling mistake – Dragon has this covered.

Also offering a completely contactless experience, Dragon is particularly useful for slow typists or people with injuries or disabilities, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sight problems.

Dragon isn’t just a dictating program. Simple verbal commands, such as “open sent mail” when in email and “search the web for…” make the software do your bidding.

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